ACCIONA at COP 25 Chile/Madrid 2019



ACCIONA actively participates in international initiatives that reinforce its commitment to sustainable development, the fight against climate change and the communication of these concepts.

Some of the most important issues that we stand for are:

  • Achieving carbon neutrality
  • Implementing concrete solutions for the decarbonization of the electrical system
  • Developing clean energy and resilient infrastructure
  • Articulate investment models for resilient infrastructure in Latin America

COP25 Chile – Madrid

ACCIONA is actively involved in order to accelerate the necessary commitments from the business sector in the fight against climate change. It also calls for greater climate ambition at all levels of humanity and reiterates the urgency of setting a price on carbon.

During the Climate Change Conference in Madrid we committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 60 % by 2030 with the endorsement of the Science Based Target initiative.

COP24 Katowice

ACCIONA is present in the world's leading private sector forums to promote effective measures against global warming. It urges the involvement of non-governmental actors in the decarbonisation of the economy such as companies, NGOs and civil society.

We also stress the importance of strengthening the binding nature of the measures adopted in the Paris Agreement and we insist on the establishment of a dissuasive pricing system for CO2 emission rights.

COP23 Bonn

During COP23 in Germany, ACCIONA explains the keys that have led it to become one of the first large companies in the world to achieve carbon neutrality and encourages other companies to join its carbon-neutral model, announced at COP21 in Paris and applied since 2016.

We also demand the creation of a carbon pricing system and a transparent and single standard for measuring pollutant emissions for all countries.  

COP22 Marrakech

At COP22 in Morocco, the company celebrates having achieved carbon neutrality, a commitment it made only one year earlier at the Paris climate summit.

In parallel with the presentation of the 2020 Sustainability Master Plan, he stressed his strong support for the targets set out in the Paris Agreement and set out proposals for carbon pricing.

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COP21 París

At the decisive COP21 in Paris, ACCIONA reveals its commitment to becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2016, making it one of the first in the world to do so. That same year, the corporation is one of the first to adopt the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

The company is committed to a pact that sets global and national targets for the reduction of polluting gases to reach zero emissions by 2100, driven by a strong carbon price.
Find out about the organizations and initiatives in which we participate. Road to Paris



Government, regulators and associations which ACCIONA collaborates, defending dialogue between companies and authorities involved in decision-making.

ACCIONA provides a transparent view on matters affecting its business areas and the sectors in which it operates.