Cities represent the main centres of progress and host half of humanity in a growing line that has a limit: the future will be urban but we need to develop sustainable urbanisation solutions.


ACCIONA helps transform cities into productive wellbeing spaces for living, promoting socio-economic development.

The company is committed to real estate development, supported by a range of complementary services, whose purpose is to design the sustainable cities of the future in complete harmony with environmental protection.

ACCIONA's real estate solutions focus on the promotion and management of real estate complexes, based on solid technical and professional experience in Spain, Poland, Mexico and Portugal. These solutions conceive a digital and sustainable future underpinned by the application of the most advanced technologies and efficient materials that respect the planet.

The company develops new opportunities for business diversification in line with the increased opening up of the market for non-residential real estate assets: offices, hotels and industrial properties. ACCIONA also undertakes projects for the urban and social regeneration of spaces, located at their origin on the outskirts of cities, which have been isolated in the urban nucleus as a result of population concentration.

Business as Unusual approach to achieving excellence

ACCIONA's Business as Unusual approach is based on the design of eminently sustainable real estate projects in urbanisation. It examines innovative measures, not only in the area of energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions, but also in terms of water footprint, life cycle analysis, the promotion of alternative modes of transport, accessibility and the health and comfort of occupants.

The result of how ACCIONA develops real estate projects is translated into world-renowned international sustainability standards. The Adelfas development was the first to obtain BREEAM "Muy Bueno" (Very Good) certification in Madrid in 2018, and is the largest real estate development in Spain with this certification. In 2019, the company acquired the Mesena office complex, a real estate project that aims to obtain LEED Gold environmental certification for the complex as a whole, with some of its buildings achieving LEED Platinum.

We develop housing and other properties

Sustainable, environmentally friendly housing

One of the company's primary objectives in the design of real estate solutions is the development of sustainable projects that contribute to the conservation of the environment and reduce costs for owners, with a commitment to environmentally friendly housing. ACCIONA also has ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications and is committed to certifying all of its real estate developments with the BREEAM® sustainability label.

ACCIONA develops eco-efficiency technology through solutions such as home automation: technological applications that enable the efficient, safe and comfortable management of energy in the home. It also provides households with mechanisms such as solar panels for energy collection that heats water for domestic use; cross-ventilation, quality materials and insulation, and special carpentry with thermal bridge breakage that allow for greater thermal insulation; light, energy and solar-factor control glass; and presence detectors and timers in common areas.

The company also installs in its real estate projects systems to promote rational water consumption through separate systems of drainpipes, double discharge tanks, aerator taps and shutoff valves in wet rooms.


We formulate a new concept of office buildings, which we promote under the application of technology and through the use of quality materials and finishes. We create lasting, tailored relationships with our customers.

Hotels and holiday resorts

ACCIONA's real estate solutions currently cover luxury real estate development in Mexico and Spain. These hotels and holiday resorts are supported by the Home Resort concept, which offers the services and hospitality of a hotel to guests who wish to stay for extended periods in a safe environment.

Industrial properties

ACCIONA promotes industrial projects for end users to market them to these users or real estate investors.

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