Our progress, the progress of communities

Going hand in hand with the prosperity of the communities where we work

We go beyond our obligations


ACCIONA understands that it must take a leading role in contributing to the sustainable development of the communities in the countries where it operates and to help improve the quality of life of the people that live there.


To achieve this goal, ACCIONA seeks to align social collaboration and its business activity, through sustainable medium/long-term projects where it is present, reinforcing the trust between the company and the societies in which it operates and increasing its positive contributions in accordance with the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.


    Our progress, the progress of communities

    To design a better planet is to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities where we work. Our Social Action Plan allows us to respond to their needs and expectations, in line with our business objectives, promoting the United Nations Agenda 2030.


    of social contribution to the community


    people benefited

    45.1 %

    of investment made in the priority SDGs for ACCIONA

    Management of social impact in our projects

    ACCIONA believes that evaluating and managing the social impact of its projects, in addition to developing social initiatives, is an enabling condition for effectively contributing to sustainability in the communities where it operates. This conviction permeates every one of the company's businesses in all the countries in which it operates.


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